Michele's Meticulous Maid Service - We Leave the Competition in the Dust!

Platinum Package: (Move out/Deep Clean) 

o - Clean inside and out of dishwasher & range hood
o - Remove dust from ceiling
o - Scrub kitchen floor, including under the movable appliances
o - Clean pantry and shelves
o - Clean and scour out all sinks/drains
o - Clean wall behind stove, remove all grease and grime
o - Clean all cabinets (includes up top)
o - Clean all windows inside and out. Window sills included
o - Clean all blinds
o - Clean all baseboards
o - Clean ceiling fan
o - Spot clean refrigerator
o - clean outside of refrigerator
o - Remove intake cover from bottom of fridge, clean, & put back
o - Clean inside of oven, Remove lower drawer of stove, under elements, pan drawer, exhaust fan, & hood.
o - Clean the outside of the stove
o - Remove pans, rings, and burners from stove and clean under top
Cabinets & Drawers:
o - Clean exterior of cabinets 
o - Wipe out drawers with damp rag and leave no crumbs/trash
o - Wash tile 
o - Remove dust from ceilings
0 - Clean bathtub, tile around the tub, and sinks
o - Clean entire door and fixtures
o - Dust/clean vents
o - Scrub floors
o - Clean all light fixtures thoroughly
o - Clean all windows inside and out. Windowsills included
o - Remove dust from ceiling
o - Wash ceiling fan
o - Dust/wipe down vents with damp rag
o - Replace filter with customer supplied filter
o - Clean all light switches & outlets
o - Vacuum all carpet
o - Scrub all hardwood floors
o - Wash all vinyl/tile floors
o - Scrub hardwood floors
o - Free ceilings from dust
o - Wash inside and outside of front/back doors
o - Wash all windows inside and clean window sills
o - Vacuum any carpets

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